Poems about Fathers

Fathers are central to our lives as a role model, head of the family and administer of discipline. Strangely, fathers are also often figures of fun, seen as distant otherworldly creatures who fail to connect with their children. I expect we will see a whole ran of different views of dads in the poems that follow, but our opening entry definitely casts the father figure the role of amiable buffoon.

Crazy Times by Ariel

Ariel states that "My father is funny and at times clumsy" and these qualities certainly shine through in a rhyming poem which is funny, fast paced and very well written.






Crazy Times

When it is dawn, the sun shines tall
Father flew out of bed and banged the wall
He goes rushing to the mall;
Not even dressed at all.
He has a great big fall
And mother scolds him through a call
His ear drums feel like a ball
Always bouncing one and all
He's never had that one before
What a horrible day and a great big fall

A Poem About My Dad by Faatimah

Faatimah, who sent us three wonderful competition entries, wrote 'I did this one about dad because he's at work a lot but he still takes us out, and he has lots of apps on his phone!'.



13, although written at the age of 12.



A Poem About My Dad

I love dad, he’s not bad, mad or sad.
He’s just right, though he does moan,
He loves messing about on his phone.
He’s so busy at work,
He has a pair of trousers and a smart shirt!
That’s what he wears to work.
He takes us out,
So we can leap about and shout,
Though he’s so busy.
He hardly cooks,
But when he does, it’s so,
Just right for us.

Dad and I by Ruhee

Ruhee was the winner of last year's Sports Poetry contest and she's kept up the standard with this enchanting poems about her father. As she wrote in her email, 'My dad has always been a source of inspiration for me. In everyday life, a child does so many things which are totally different than an adult. This poem gives a comparison of such things between my dad and myself.' She's promised a second poem for this year's competition, which is eagerly awaited.



11½ years


Ahmedabad, India

Dad and I

I wonder why dad has coffee, when I get milk to drink;
I am told to use a pencil, while he writes with pen and ink!

I wonder why dad drives a car, while a bicycle’s what I ride;
He’s always making new rules, for me to strictly abide.

I wonder why dad watches news, while cartoons is what I like;
He loves solving crosswords, while I absolutely dislike.

Dad’s so fond of newspapers, while I am crazy for story books;
A fussy eater I am, while he eats all what dear mom cooks!

His wallet always has, crispy notes stacked inside;
My piggy bank never gets full; a hundred times I have tried!

If I may think seriously, and keep on thinking all the time,
I’m sure if I keep on doing so, I’ll discover the answer sometime.

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