Clean Nursery Rhyme Parodies for Kids

We've put together a small selection of Paul's clean nursery rhyme parodies which are suitable for children of all ages. So what is a nursery rhyme parody? It the rewriting of a traditional nursery rhyme to make it deliberately funny (or funnier), while retaining enough of the original so that the nursery rhyme it is based on can easily be recognised. I'm sure you'll be able to spot the original nursery rhymes on which these parodies are based.

Nursery Rhyme Parody #1

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,
Upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown,
The silly man would have looked better
If he waited till the warmer weather

Nursery Rhyme Parody #2

A diller, a dollar, a 10 o'clock scholar,
What makes you arrive so late
It’s no good arriving at 10 o'clock
You’re Headmaster for goodness sake

Nursery Rhyme Parody #3

Rain, rain go away,
You’re ruining my holiday
I wait all year to come away
Rain, rain, go to Spain,
Don’t come back to Wales again

Nursery Rhyme Parody #4

Jack Sprat could eat no fat
His wife could eat no lean
And so to please the two of them
They eat vegetarian cuisine

Nursery Rhyme Parody #5

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
Though they were jolly, their expedition was folly
And the coast guard sent a life boat
So when the Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
Safely ashore we were able to see
Because the couple’s distress, the whole sorry mess
Was filmed by the BBC

Nursery Rhyme Parody #6

One, two, three, four, five.
Once I caught a fish alive,
Now you don’t see that every day
Not on the Thames anyway

Nursery Rhyme Parody #7

Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper,
What shall we do for him? He’s a bit of a nutter
And he can’t sing a note every one knows
So we’ll audition him on one of Simon’s shows

Nursery Rhyme Parody #8

Hark, hark my dogs do bark
All day walking round the town
My plates of meat, my aching feet
I just want a nice sit down

Nursery Rhyme Parody #9

Jack ate all the lean,
Joan ate all the fat.
They left the platter so clean,
There was nothing for the cat

Nursery Rhyme Parody #10

See a pin, pick it up,
And all day long you'll have good luck.

See a pin, pick it up,
And all day long you'll have a pin

Nursery Rhyme Parody #11

Robert Barnes, fellow fine,
Can you shoe this horse of mine?
No, good sir, that I can’t,
Why ever not, fellow fine?
Primarily because I’m an estate agent called Mike
But mainly because that’s a push bike

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