Short Cute Christmas Poems

Sweet, cute, cuddly, adorable. We kick off or selection of short Christmas poems for children with a collection of poetry which is clean, uncomplicated and gently amusing. rather than LOL funny.

My Favourite Christmas Gift

My favourite Christmas gift
Costs nothing it’s free
It’s the overflowing gift of joy
I get from my family

Breakfast Time Comes

Breakfast time comes
Just after day breaks
When Frosty the snowman
Eats his Snowflakes

The Christmas Pudding

The pudding is in the basin
The cloth is tied in a knot
We put it in the boiling water
And hear it hissing in the pot

Not A Thrift Giver

Not a thrift giver
But a gift giver
Santa will forever
Have love to deliver

Bells And Smells

Bells and smells
Bells and smells
Christmas all the way
Oh what fun it is to sing
Of the holy Christmas day

Remember, Christmas Isn't About

Remember, Christmas isn't about
How big the tree is, or what's under it
Or the Christmas lights and decorations
It's about the people who are around it


I really love Crimbletide
It makes me all warm inside
And the joy I cannot hide
For the season of Crimbletide

Throughout The Yuletide Season

Throughout the yuletide season
In the light of the fireside glow
Christmas garlands are strung
Of Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe

Are You Wearing A Paper Hat?

Are you wearing a paper hat?
It’s Christmas day and that’s that
We’ve pulled our Christmas crackers
So everyone must wear a paper hat

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