Christmas Acrostics and Alphabet Poems

Acrostics are poems in which a particular letter of each line spells out a special message. In our simple acrostics, it is the initial letter of each line of the verse which forms a word significant to the festive season. Alphabet or ABC poems are easier to understand, with the each line of the poem beginning with a successive letter of the alphabet.

Candle light of beauty
Adorning church and alter
None excluded from Christ’s love
Darkness brightly conquered
Light of Christ illuminating
Everlasting light of life


Christmas Alphabet

Angels from on high
Behold we bring news
Christ is coming
Do not be afraid
Emmanuel is coming
Follow yonder star
Go to Bethlehem
Hosanna God be praised

In the town of Bethlehem
Jesus was born
Kneeling shepherds before him
Lowing beasts in attendance
Magi from the east
Noel, noel, noel

On the first morning
Peace came to the world
Quelling fear and pain
Rekindling the light
Saviour son of God
The prince of peace was born
Uniting the world

Verily the most
Wondrous of times
Xmas festival of love
Yule tide of good will
Zion brought to earth




Alphabet Of Christmas

A is for
Advent, the count down to Christmas
B is for the
Bells that ring out in celebration 
C is for the
Candle that spreads his light
D is for the
Decorations that dress our homes
E is for the
Extra spring in our collective step
F is for
Felicitations and festivities
G is for the
Gift that God gave too us
H is for the
Happiness of the Christmas season
I is for the
Illumination of the world
J is for
Jesus born into that world
K is for the
King, humbly born in a stable
L is for the
Love of Jesus Christ
M is for the
Magi who followed the star
N is for the
Nativity in Bethlehem
O is for
Old acquaintances re-met
P is for the
Presents beneath the tree
Q is for
Quintessence of the Christmas spirit
R is for the
Rejoicing in Christ’s name
S is for the
Star that adorned the Christmas sky
T is for the
Tinsel that adorns the trees
U is for the
Universal love of Christ
V is for the
Victorious celebration of his birth
W is for the
Wise men from the east
X is for
Xmas, the best time of the year
Y is for the
Yuletide season and its joys
Z is for the
Zest of enthusiastic enjoyment


Candles burn on advent crown,
Holly boughs are cut,
Red ribbon binds the wreath, and
Incense fragrances the air
Spices make the senses tingle
Treats await the patient lip, as
Merriment is close at hand,
Anticipation keenly felt, as the
Special day grows near


Hot Chocolate
Rum Cakes
Mulled wine
Apple cider

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