Funny Pancake Day Poems for Kids

You perhaps know it as pancake day, but the day that falls before Ash Wednesday is really called Shrove Tuesday. It is the day on which people shrived, in order to prepare for the fasting that occurred during Lent. Shriving isn't very common activity these days, but it meant eating up all the things in the cupboard that weren't allowed to be eaten during Lent. One of the popular items made using these soon to be forbidden ingredients was pancakes, and thus in time the day became known a pancake day.

Pancake Day Poems for Younger Kids

Paul has saved the day. For the first five years of our existence, we only had one pancake poem on offer, Pancake Day Pancake Day, which was much too rude for young children. Now we've a mini feast of light, frothy, funny pancake poems which are suitable for pre-school and Key Stage 1 children. Enjoy them, but please remember to leave plenty for everyone else.

Tossing A Pancake
by Paul Curtis

Tossing a pancake
I can do that
Just get a fry pan
Heat up the fat
Mix up the batter
As easy as that
One on the ceiling
One on the cat
One on the door
One on the mat
One on my head
Like a sweet sticky hat

Tossing The Pancake
by Paul Curtis

Tossing the pancake
How hard could it be?
Well quite difficult
Which surprised me
What an awful mess
After the first three
I gave up after four
That ended up on me

Tossing The Pancake
by Paul Curtis

I thought I would try tossing a pancake
Well that turned out to be a big mistake
The first three didn’t leave the pan at all
The next two were sliding down the wall
The only one dispatched with any grace
Then splashed hot fat right in my face

Key Stage 2 & 3 Pancake Day Poems

The three pancake day poems for older children are in turn disgusting, cruel and rude. I think that there fine for children aged 8 and over, but if you're younger than that or particularly squeamish, it might be a good idea to check with an adult before reading them.

Pancake Day
by Paul Curtis

For the world at large shrove Tuesday
Precedes Ash Wednesday
For my unfortunate family stove Tuesday
Precedes trash Wednesday

At The Annual Pancake Race
by Paul Curtis

At the annual pancake race
The winner is always smug Trace
I’m always at the rear of the chase
Limping home in last place
Then I must congratulate Trace
And engage in a false embrace
When I really want to hear the base
Of the frying pan hitting her face

I must confess that I don't really like pancakes, which may explain why there's only one poem by Patrick on the menu. If you don't enjoy Pancake Day, Pancake Day, you'll have to choose between Paul's poems and a diet of bread and water

Pancake Day Pancake Day
by Patrick Winstanley

Pancake Day, Pancake Day
The pan's getting hotter
The butter has melted
I've poured in the batter

Pancake Day, Pancake Day
The pancake is sizzling
A flick of the wrist
And its stuck to the ceiling

Pancake Day, Pancake Day
I've not seen Mum crosser
So which did she call me
'A champion tosser'

Oh, I hope I remembered to warn you that some adults will consider this last poem rather rude!

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