Funny Mothers Day Poems for Kids

A small collection of funny Mothers Day poems for kids by Paul Curtis and Patrick Winstanley. If you're wondering why there are fewer Mothers Day poems than Fathers Day poems, it's almost certainly because its hard to write funny poems about mothers without undermining their pivotal role in gluing families together. Fathers, on the other hand, are faintly ridiculous figures that lend themselves to humorous ridicule at every twist and turn. However, I have managed to gather together a few Mothers Day poems which are warm and affectionate, yet also funny.

To start, a funny poem about a young boy who completely misunderstands why he is being asked a question at Sunday school and as a result offers an unintentionally hilarious answer.

Sunday School Query
by Paul Curtis

Joshua was asked at a Sunday school meeting
“Do you say a prayer at home before eating”? 
Joshua was puzzled at the query, truth to tell
“No we don't have too, my Mum cooks very well”

The next poem has a cute, mushy sentiment which means that it would be eminently suitable to use as Mother's Day endearment. There is a Father's Day version of the same poem and, interestingly, a Parents Day variation, although Parents Day is yet to be invented.

Who Loves Us?
by Paul Curtis

Who loves us without condition?
Who loves us in their admonition?
Who loves us despite the dirt?
Who do we go to when we’re hurt?
Who shares in all our joys?
Who buys us the best toys?
Who keeps us warm and fed?
Who would prefer a puppy instead?
Who cheers us up when we’re glum?
Who else but your mum

If you're an only child, you can skip this next poem. Everyone else will find that its twin themes of sibling rivalry and possessiveness strikes an all too familiar chord.

Share and Share Alike
by Patrick Winstanley

You are a mother
Like no other,
Loving and sharing
Kind and caring,

But tell me why, if
You're my mother,
I have to share you
With my brother.

Mothers have amazing abilities and boundless energy, but there is one area of domestic life where their perceived failings bring them into conflict with male members of the family.

I Need It Up, You Need It Down
by Paul Curtis

She cook’s and cleans
And keep’s things neat
And with five in the house
That’s no mean feat
There’s just one question
Though that has me beat
Tell me why can she never
Work the toilet seat

To conclude, a universal Parents' Day poem which can be used either as an affectionate Mothers Day poem or a highly provocative Fathers Day poem.

by Paul Curtis

A woman knows all about her children
She knows their likes and dislikes,
Who their friends are and who they fancy
There illnesses, ailments and allergies

She knows the dates of all their matches
Drop off and pick up, Home and away
She knows about appointments for hospital
As well as doctor, optical and dental

She know about their favourite foods
And the things that make them sick
She know what scares them and why
And what makes them laugh and cry

She knows all about their hopes and dreams
And what they may look for in a spouse
While a man on the other hand, is vaguely aware
Of some short people living in the house.

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