Christmas Poems for Kids

The collection of Christmas poetry offers a great mix of poems for kids to enjoy over the Christmas period. The cute and Christian Christmas poetry sections have lots of poems which would be ideal to recite at a school Christmas concert, while the funny Christmas poems are great to share with family and friends over Christmas day. The rude Christmas poems are best enjoyed away from prying eyes and shared with friends, but perhaps not family.

Cute Christmas Poems

Cute Christmas Poems

Christmas poems for kids which are light and humorous, but not necessarily 'laugh out loud' funny. The cute Christmas poems are a bit like a big box of chocolate. They're sweet, perhaps sickly in excess, but you'll find you keep on sneaking back for more. Enjoy them in moderation and don't forget to share them with your friends.

Short Christmas Poems

Rude Christmas Poems for Kids

Our collection of terse verse on a festive theme is ideal for children with a short attention span or who are easily bored. It begins with some short cute poems which are suitable for all ages and progressed to short funny poems which are aimed at the 7+ age group. In time we'll be adding nursery rhyme and other parodies and perhaps even the odd diminutive dirty ditty.

Funny Christmas Poems

Funny christmas poetry

A selection of family-friendly Christmas poems which are suitable for children (and adults) of all ages. The poems are warm and funny, light and fluffy, but possibly a little tame for older or disbelieving children. Read the funny Christmas poems first and then progress to the rude Christmas poems, if you're feeling brave.

Rude Christmas Poems For Kids

Rude Christmas Poems for Kids

Funny, rude Christmas poems which are only suitable for older children. There are funny poems about Santa Claus, Rudolf and his team of reindeer, and the Christmas Fairy, but be prepared for the odd rude word and some unexpected twists along the way. Ask an adult for guidance if you're unsure about reading rude poems.

Christian Christmas Poems

Rude Christmas Poems for Kids

You may be surprised to find that we've included a selection of Christian Christmas poems, but Paul is committed Christian, which will come as a shock if you've only ever read his frivolous, funny poems. Paul's Christian Christmas poems reflect his deep religious faith and provide a useful reminder that Christ is central to Christmas.

Happy Christmas and enjoy the poems!

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