Cute Christmas Poems for Children

Family-friendly poems about Christmas suitable for children of all ages. I'm not sure I like the description cute Christmas poems, but how else to describe a Christmas poems that are sweet and uplifting, but designed to make you glow inwardly rather than laugh out loud?

All The Christmas Saints And Angels

The perfect Christmas doesn't just happen, but requires the behind-the-scenes work of the poem's Christmas Saints and Angels to pull everything together.

Christmas Is Nigh

In this festive poem, the leading star announces the imminent arrival of Christmas.

I Could Be Your Christmas Tree

A personification poem in which a Christmas tree trumpets it's virtues as the ideal tree for you to buy this Christmas.

It’s A Snow Day

A heavy fall of snow brings everything to a standstill, but not being able to get to work (or school) has its compensations.

Mr Glisten Comes To Town

The arrival of snow heralds the annual ritual of building a snowman, or Mr Glisten, in this charming childhood poem.


A short poem in praise of the snowflake, which combines beauty, symmetry and complex geometry.

Harbinger Of Yule

The anticipation of the advent period is brought to life in Paul's poem Harbinger of Yule.

Let It Snow

A poem which focuses on winter weather and the joys and disappointments it brings.


An ode to the robin, the red breasted gentleman who is a potent symbol of Christmas. The robin is found on Christmas cards, wrapping paper and, for really fortunate people, fluttering about in their gardens.

Christmas Is For Children

A poem brimming over with fun, laughter and the exhilaration of the festive season. The is one children's christmas poem which really does warrant the description cute.

Mother Christmas

A poem which pays tribute to that special part mothers play in making Christmas magical.

Christmas Dream

A collection of four four-line Christmas poems which all being with the same opening line, I dream of Christmas.

Little Child, Lonely Child

A child waits, eagerly peering out through the window into a Christmas night for the arrival of a very special person.

The Tree Of Evergreen

The Christmas tree is central to may people's Christmas. Paul's poem The Tree of Evergreen provides a joyous celebration of this most powerful Christmas symbol.

On The Eve

The excitement of Christmas Eve is almost to much to bear, but the rewards are manifest beneath the Christmas tree.

We Are The Carol Singers

A jolly poem about carol singers, who go out in all weathers to spread joy over the festive season. If, like me, you're not very keen on Christmas carols, you can always turn off all the lights and hide behind the sofa.

Christmas Days

If you were asked to find a Christmas poem to recite, this one might be your savoiur. It's fun, easy to learn and you could really shout it out during your preformance. But the real advatages are its a long-short poem - 15 lines, but very few words - and its got the sort of linguistic cleverness that adults, especially teachers, enjoy.

The Man in Red

An instruction manual for younger children on Christmas Eve etiquette.

The Santa Blues

Santa Claus may be portrayed as always jolly, but there is a sadder side to him.

Brightest Time

A warm and uplifting poem about the enchntment Christmas brings for younger children.

Oh Pretty Snowflake

A snowflake is a thing of wonder. Paul's poem captures the beauty and ephemeral nature of this spectacle of nature, which appears and disappears in an instant..

The Gift Giver

Quite simply, a poem about Santa Claus and his superhuman feat of gift delivery on Christmas Eve.

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