Funny Poems for Kids

Hi, I'm Patrick Winstanley, a living (as in alive) English poet who believes that poetry should a fun activity enjoyed with family and friends, rather than a form of torture inflicted on children by their teachers. With the help on my fellow poets Paul Curtis, Max Scratchmann and Kate Williams, I've produced an exciting and unusual collection of funny poems for kids. If you're not used to hearing the words 'poetry' and 'exciting' in the same sentence, please don't give up just yet, because these poems really are a little bit different...

If I haven't convinced you yet, perhaps the best thing is to dive straight in and try a few. As the saying goes, the proof of the poem is in the reading...

Finding Your Way Around

If you click on the funny poems button in the navigation on the left, you're taken to the poetry index. The poems are divided up into ten different types, which start with the cute and cuddly animal poems and end with some rather naughty poems. In between you'll find poems about families, famous people, school and sports, plus a rather odd category called odes and ends, for all the poems which didn't find a home elsewhere.

Who Should Read the Poems?

There is poetry in the collection suitable for all ages of children, from pre-school to primary school age. However, the collection is mostly aimed at junior school children, those aged between 7 and 11 years old. One section of the site, the rude poems, deserves special mention as it's really only suitable for older children. If you're not sure whether you should be reading the them, it would be a good idea to ask your Mum, Dad, teacher or a responsible adult first.

Why All the Sheep?

Rude, but Funny Poems for Children - Proceed with Caution

Sheep are my third favourite animal, after hippos and my cat Timmy, who you'll meet in the section called about the author's cat. (You'll have to visit the animal poems to discover my least favourite animals). Sheep are also quite intelligent, so they're not here just to make the site look pretty. As you visit the various sections of the site you'll meet different types of sheep and discover what they signify. Beware if you see a sheep sitting on the lavatory, as it means that the contents of that page may be rude.

Other Fun Bits

As well as the funny verse, there are some other fun bits of the site you'll want to explore. Writing funny poetry gives a few hints on how to start writing your own comic poems and get them noticed by other people. About the author tells you a little bit about me and rather more about Timmy, my adorable little black cat who gets very upset if he isn't the centre of attention.

The Boring Stuff

Every website has, unfortunately, to have lots of boring pages about who owns the site and its contents, how to get in contact with them and a long list of things that you can and can't do when using the site, called the Terms of Use. You should read these pages, or at least pretend that you have. If you do nothing else, please ask me first if you want to borrow a poem to use on another website or to republish elsewhere. I usually say yes if I'm asked in advance and get very cross if I'm not.

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