Seasonal Funny Poems

To begin, an apology. These aren't really seasonal poems, if by seasons you mean Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Instead, they are poems which celebrate the high days and holiday which punctuate the year. From New Year to Christmas there are days that we celebrate because they have a special significance. Some are extra special in that they come with a holiday attached - Easter, Christmas - while others involve strange rituals - tossing pancakes, sending soppy greetings cards, extracting sweets from your neighbours. We celebrate them all, although we like some more than others.

Funny Valentines Poems

Funny Valentine Poems for Kids

Valentine's Day isn't really a day for children, which is why our Valentines poems tend to be funny, or absurd, or occasionally both. There are poems to ward off romantic advances and poems for boys who don't acknowledge the existance of girls. The is the off lovey-dovey poem which might use to peldge your troth to another, but no guarantee that it will work.

Pancake Day Poems

Funny Pancake Day Poems for Kids

The day that falls before Ash Wednesday is really called Shrove Tuesday. It is the day on which people shrived, to prepare for the fasting that occurred during Lent. Shriving meant eating up all the things in the cupboard that weren't allowed to be eaten during Lent. This included all the ingredients needed to make pancakes. And so pancake day it became!.

Halloween Poems

Halloween Poems for Kids

In America, Halloween is celebrated as Trick or Treat, which involves dressing up and extorting candy from one's neighbours with thinly veiled menaces. The Halloween poems reflect the two alternative views of Halloween, the sinister, scary Halloween of yesteryear and the ridiculous comic spectacle of Halloween as practiced today.

Christmas Poems

Christmas Poems for Kids

There are three sections to our Christma poetry collection. The cute and Christian Christmas poetry has lots of poems which would be ideal to recite at a school Christmas concert, while the funny Christmas poems are great to share with family and friends. The rude Christmas poems are best enjoyed away from prying eyes and shared with friends, but perhaps not family.

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