Christian Christmas Poems for Children

A collection of Christian Christmas poems for younger children. The poems retell various aspects of the Christmas story in verse form, providing a gentle reminder that Christmas is at heart a Christian festival, rather than a consumer fest. If you fancy reciting one of the poems at a Christmas service, recital or school concert, just drop Timmy a line at and you should get a meow in response. (In case you don't speak cat, meow means yes).

His Gift

While Christmas is a time for exchanging lavish material gifts, it's timely to remeber that the greatest gift of all is something much more precious.

The Holy Infant

The story of The Three Wise Men is retold in verse form.

The Greatest Gift of All

Christmas is a time to celebrate God's gift of his Only Begotten Son to the world. If you're wondering what begotten means, you'll be delighted to know that it's a past participle of of the verb beget. I'm glad I tidied that up for you.

Christ Is In Christmas

A poem which emphasises that Christ is at the heart of the Christmas celebration.

21, He Sleeps A Kingly Sleep

A poem about the Christ child sleeping safe in his manger as the succession of shepherds, wise men and beasts come to pay homage.

Christmas Is A Time Of Joy

A warm and uplifting poem that emphasises that while Christmas is a time of joyous celebration, the underlying Christian message shouldn't be forgotten.

Saviour, At Your Birth

A gentle reminder to readers young and old that church attendance is more than mere ritual at Christmas.

Silver Strands

The Christian symbolism of tinsel is explained in the poem Silver Strands. If you didn't know that tinsel has any religious significance, you'll be both surprised and touched.

Oh Jesus Son Of Mary

An enthusiastic celebration of the birth of our Lord delivered in verse form.

Melchior, Caspar And Balthazar

The three kings travel to Bethlehem to attend the birth of Jesus, but their majesty is as nothing compared to the new born son of Mary.

Blessed Day

A poem which celebrates Christ's birth and the precious gift he gave to mankind.

Christmas Is Nigh

A gently evocative poem which conjures up a wonderfully vivid image of the winter scene which heralds the arrival of Christmas.

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