Rhyming Riddles And Ridiculous Rhymes

These poems will make your head spin so fast that you'll barely be able to stand. Well, maybe not, but you'll certainly be tripping over yourself trying to find the answer to some of the tongue-twisting brainteasers, or attempting to follow a ridiculous, rambling rhyme. Hold on tight and try to keep up, because some of poems could leave you confused as to which way to turn.

Have You Met...

Short but strange, the answer to this poetic riddle could be right at your fingertips.

One Liner

A subtle brainteaser. Confusing at first - just don't let the ending stop you from finding the answer.

A Notional Motion

If any rhyme could cause a commotion in your mind, it's this one. Funny if you like the idea of a cat spinning on its axis for infinity, which of course everyone does.

I Would If I Could

Would you be better at making excuses if you could turn them into rhymes? Who knows? But after reading this poem maybe it's time you tried it for yourself.

Cross Words

This poem might leave you a little bewildered with its sudden ending, so make sure you pay close attention to the meanings of the words at the beginning, or you too will begin to cross into the realms of the ridiculous.

Fair Game

This dark little poem is dedicated to my brother-in-law, who I think might benefit from a little surprise next time he ventures into the woods. Maybe not this big a surprise, though.

The Chard Remains

Watch out for the wordplay here to catch this poem's double meaning. It might even help to say the title out loud.

Technical Tip

This tricky verse probably breaks the record for the number of 'its' written in a single poem. But what is 'it'? Is the poem 'it'? Or is 'it' something else entirely? Gosh, I think I've just broken another record for the number of 'its' in a single description!

Mermaid Mobile

A poem about a mermaid, a mythical creature who is half-fish and half-woman, experiencing communication difficulties on the ocean floor.

Muse To A Mermaid

More mermaid antics in a short poem which has a rather unpleasant ending.

Magic Or Tragic?

A poem about a fairy dancing in a woodland glen. So far, so dull, you may think, but the poem has an unexpectedly funny finale.


An unusual ridiculous rhyme, in that 47% of the words of the poem are Hello!, although there are just enough others to discern that it's a poem about a robot.

Dodgy Darleks

A poem about darleks, who had a limited vocabulary and a tendency to trundle around saying Exterminate! Exterminate! in a hysterical, high-pitched voice.


Kate's short funny poem deals with the sartorial dilemmas faced by ogres. Read the poem and all should become clear.

A Shape Poem Riddle

This poem reads like complete nonsense. But when you actually look at the poem, it all starts to make sense. Do you catch my meaning?

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