Death or Gory - Funny Poems For Kids About Dying

Some people, by which I really mean adults, don't think that death is a suitable subject for poems, particularly funny poems, which are meant to be read by children. I can only say that such adults are well meaning, but wrong. There is plenty of fun and frivolity to be enjoyed in funny poetry about death, particularly as the poems are mostly about the idea of death, rather than actual deaths. Indeed, most of the poems are much less gruesome than, for example, Max's poems about bad children.

Mr Whippy RIP

A poem about an ice cream seller who meets an untimely end. If I tell you any more, I'll spoil the deliciously unexpected ending.

Some Days

The death alluded to in this funny poem is that of a fly, about which few of us bat a eyelid (unless we believe in reincarnation).

Who Killed The Pinball Wizard?

Paul's tongue-in-cheek poem references the iconic song Tommy, but it still makes sense even if you've never heard of The Who.

A Peaceful End

A joke converted into a poem. The resulting poke is just as funny as the original joke, but it's quite a clever trick to pull off.

Close Shave

A poem about aviation near-collisions which is almost obtusely philosophical enough to be included with Paul's humorous poems

Nightmare Flight

Again on an aviation theme, Nightmare Flight offers a rather cynical suggestion as to how airlines might treat their passengers in the event of a real emergency.

You’ll Like This

Another joke-poem, which this time is about the antics of a maverick magician.

Clunk Click

A poem which humorously illustrates why wearing a seat belt is a good idea, or at least preferable to the alternative.

Asleep At The Wheel

More musing on the subject of road safety and the apparent contradictions to be found in the statistics about the causes of traffic accidents.

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