Halloween Poems for Kids

Halloween is a Christian festival, which falls on 31st October each year. However, delve into the depths of history and one finds that Halloween had its origin in an ancient pagan festival. This is why people celebrate Halloween by dressing up as witches, warlocks and other ghoulish creatures. In America, Halloween is celebrated as Trick or Treat, which involves dressing up and extorting candy from one's neighbours with thinly veiled menaces. The Halloween poems reflect these two alternative views of Halloween, the sinister, scary Halloween of yesteryear and the ridiculous comic spectacle of Halloween as practiced today.

Short Halloween Poems

Funny Halloween Poems for Kids

A collection of Paul's very short funny halloween poems for readers who have short attention spans. Subjects for our initial selection include pumpkin lanterns, witches, vampires and goblins. The humour in these shorter poems lies in word play, puns and subtle misdirection; blink for a second and you may miss it.

Funny Halloween Poems

Funny Halloween Poems for Kids

Trick or treat avoidance tactics, comic witches suffering identity crises and the teenage problem of what to wear for Halloween if you dress in black all year are some of the ticklish problems tackled in our funny Halloween poems. This selection of poems is fun, funny, frivolous and guaranteed to be completely non-scary.

Nonsense Halloween Poems

Nonsense Scary Halloween Poems for Kids

Max's nonsense Halloween poems transport one into a dark and dangerous world, populated by witches, vampires, pumpkin men and the mysterious boondocks. The selection starts with The Ghost of Long Tom Mouse, a mildly scary poem which will help you decide if you've the stomach for Max's Halloween poems.

Scary Halloween Poems

Scary Halloween Poems for Kids

Intended exclusively for older kids, Paul's scary Halloween poems are both singularly sinister and spectacularly spooky. What makes them so scary is the merging of traditional folk beliefs about witches and warlocks with the modern horror genre populated by vampires and werewolves.

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