Funny Poems for Children

There are over 200 original poems for children in the collection. To make it easier for you to find the ones you want to read, the poetry has been divided into categories according to what the poems are about. This wasn't always very easy and I'm not sure I did a very good job - the poem entitled 'Aunts' ended up in the animal poetry section, whereas 'Mr Toad' ended up with the family poems. They're there for a reason; I just can't remember what the reason was. At the end I was left with a whole heap of poems without a home - the 'Odes and Ends'.

Funny Animal Poems

Animal Poems

A selection of funny poems by Patrick, Paul and Kate about all sorts of different animals from spiders to snails, from camels to cheetahs, from anacondas to zebras. The funny animal poetry section has lots of short poems about sweet cuddly animals, but beware, there are some poems that snarl and a few poems that might bite.

Funny Family Poems

Family poems

A series of funny poems about families, family members (don't miss the special selection about horrible aunts) and life at home. There are poems which you can recite to annoy your Dad, to amuse your friends and to make your sister feel sick. If you're new to reading poetry, this would be a really good place to get your eye in.

Poems About Famous People

Famous people poems

We've managed to gather together a few funny poetry about famous people, some real and others fictional, some alive and others dead. You'll meet people you've learnt about in history, seen on TV and who appear in books, and find out things about them you never knew before - because I just made them up.

Funny School Poems

School poems

A selection of funny poems about school, pupils, teachers, lessons, games and all sorts of other school related activities. The school poems tend to focus on the less pleasant aspects of school, such as horrible headmasters, tedious teachers, boring lessons, disgusting food and the misfortunes that befall naughty pupils.

Funny Sports People

Sports Poems

Funny poems about sports ranging from football to sky diving. For children who love sport, there are lots of poems about the exhilaration and exertion of competitive sports. For less enthusiastic kids, there are poems about the horrors of sport and, in particular, school games. And don't get me started on the dangers of swimming.

Humorous Poems

Humorous poems

Lighter and fluffier than the funny poems, the humorous poems may require a bit of thought or even a second reading before you discover the amusing element. You should persevere, however, because ultimately humorous poems are cleverer, more sophisticated and more satisfying than straight funny poems.

Rhyming Riddles And Ridiculous Rhymes

Rhyming riddles

It was once said that riddles that rhyme are twice as sublime, and that ridiculous verse is quite the reverse. Well, actually, no one's ever said that as far as I know. Still, lots of fun can be had with these brainteasers and tongue-twisters. Just don't get lost among the twists and turns, and make sure you read everything uspide down lest you be fooled!

Funny Poems About Death

Funny poems about death

In case you're worried that the funny poems about death will resemble a battlefield strewn with corpses, let me reassure you that the body count to date is one ice cream seller, one fly, one deaf-dumb and blind kid and a bus full of pensioners. So it's not exactly a stroll in the park, but nor is it complete carnage.

Odes & Ends

Odes and Ends

Odes & Ends is reserved for the funny poems which didn't fit into the other pigeon holes, because they were too long, too fat or just the wrong shape. It's such a hotchpotch of poems, including parodies, shape poems, anaphorisms, anacronisms and all sorts of oddities, that it's best to consider Odes & Ends as a 'lucky dip'.

Rude Poems

Rude Poems

The rude poems for kids are slightly naughtier that the other poems and contain the odd rude word, which means that whilst they are not horribly or disgustingly rude, they are only suitable for older kids. Ask a responsible adult (Mum or Dad, possibly a teacher, but definitely not a reprobate uncle) if you're unsure about reading them.

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