Poems about Sisters

Sisters tend to extremes. They're either charming, thoughtful, adorable siblings who fulfil the role of friend and confidante or strange, distant, bossy creatures who ruin one's childhood. It's be interesting to see where the balance lies in out poetry competition entries.

My sister is a cat lover by Hudhayfah

'I did this poem about my sister because she loves cats, and always wanted one, now she has a black cat and she loves it so much.' Anyone who knows me knows that I adore all cats, but especially black ones, so Hudhayfah's poem really struck a chord with me. Affectionate and funny, it's also entirely realistic in its portrayal of a loving but possessive sister. Well done.





Birmingham, UK

My sister is a cat lover

She wished that she had cat,
After a long time
She got a black cat she said “yes but do not touch it, because it's mine”
She loves her cat so much
She wouldn’t let us, even get a single touch,
Because she loves the cat so much.  

A Poem About My Little Sister by Faatimah

'I chose to do a poem about  my sister because she is bossy and demanding at times and gets on my nerves but she's cute and I love her so much.' Sentiments which will be shared by anyone fortunate enough to have a sister, particularly the glorious line she’d be better put on mute.



13, although written at the age of 12.




I have a little sister, whom we call Daisy,
Sometimes she drives me crazy,
Some call her crazy Daisy.
She’s a bossy one too,
The things she gets through.
She can boss us about,
She’s the bossiest one,
With the loudest shout.
But she really can be cute,
She’d be better put on mute.
She loves getting her own way,
If she doesn’t, well I don’t really like to say.
But we all say, “STOP IT, CRAZY DAISY !”

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