Poems about Grannies

The Happy Families poetry competition invites young poets aged 16 or under to submit poems that they've written about one or more of their family members. The poems can be humorous or serious, affectionate or angst ridden, factual or fantastical. As many children forge a strong bond with their grandmothers we're expecting that the Granny Poems will be one of the most popular categories and the majority of the entries to be warm and endearing.

Grannie by Jack

A beautiful, heartfelt poem written by Jack about his much-loved Grannie Annie.



11, but the poem was written when Jack was aged 10


Cold Ash, UK


Her scent wafts into my dreams,
I don’t know what it means,
That faint smile,
That cheeky grin,
Never a taste of sickly gin.

I’m protected by her arms,
Twice right round the world, again!
Never the same,
I will always remember her for being brave,
Knowing she would follow me beyond the grave.

My Grannie Annie,
Not your typical Grandma Franny,
And when that fateful day comes,
When I feel my eyes get wetter,
I will realize she couldn't have been better.

My Granny by Meghan

I've loved read the poems about relatives and deciding which were based on reality and which contained a degree of fantasy. I love the idea of Meghan's granny riding a motor bike and whether it's true or not, it's a great poem and very funny. Congratulations.





Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland

My Granny

My granny is very strange
she is all that you could ask for
like climbing Hungry Hill
and it being a disaster!

She dances sings and rides her motor bike
Like any normal granny
She works very hard in the garden
she plants lots of seeds
But all that seems to ever come out
is a messy bunch of weeds

Now I’ve told you about my granny
not cuddly cute or sweet
my granny is a tough old lass
and thats how she’s related to me.

My kind Nana by Hudhayfah

Hudhayfah wrote 'I did this poem about my Nan because, she is so kind and always cooks roast lamb when we go and visit her.' The is a theme of roast lamb running and cats running through the three poems that Hudhayfah sent us, which you'll discover if you also read Mum is the best cook! and  My sister is a cat lover.





Birmingham, UK

My kind Nana

She is so kind,
She loves roast lamb and roast potatoes
For her diner every day.
She doesn’t like cats
She says “there worse than bats!”
Every time she comes to our house, she brings lots of presents   
For us,
she is so pleasant.

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