Poems about Brothers

I've never owned a brother, but I suspect one's view of them is quite different depending on whether they are older or younger than you. Although there is a tendency to view brothers as annoying and interfering, our opening poem is as tender and loving as any brother could ever hope for from his sister..

My Little Brother by Louisa

Louisa's poem is warm and affectionate, but with a gentle undercurrent that suggests that a little brother can cause the occasional annoyance which has to be borne with fortitude. Discover that Louisa's brother is ill and awaiting surgery and the poem becomes more remarkable still. A wonderfully touching and beautifully rhymed poem, well done.



8 years old but turning nine in June


I live in Brussels in Belgium but am in fact half Swedish and half British,and go to the British Junior Academy of Brussels

Why I Wrote the Poem

I wrote a poem about my little brother Nicholas who is six years old, because I love him and wanted him to know that. I wanted to cheer him up because he has often been ill during the past year and will have surgery soon, and he does not look forward to that.

My Little Brother

I love my little brother,
Even when he eats the last chocolate egg,
And never hangs his coat on the peg,

I love my little brother,
Also when he does not want to play what I would like to play,
And teases me mercilessly almost every day,

I love my little brother,
Because he often gives me a cuddle,
And plays with me in the water puddle,

I love my little brother,
Because he is always kind to me,
And lets me put the angel on the Christmas tree,

But most of all, I love my little brother,
Because we LOVE to play and read together,
And he calls me the "bestest sister ever",

But in fact it is he, who is the "bestest", that is clear,
and I really miss him when he is not here !

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