Kids Shape Poetry Competition Entries 6

The shape poems keep rolling in, so after a slow start it's proved to a popular competition with some really great shape poems written by kids of all ages, from 7 to 16. And I thought shape poems might prove to be too difficult a style of poetry!


A fish shape poem

When I think about fish I remember the time I went to the Sea life centre and saw the most beautiful fish ever.
Created by Cecily who is 8 years old and lives in Norwich, England


A rugby ball shape poem

I decided to do this poem about rugby, because it’s my favourite sport subject and it inspires me.
Created by Jakey who is 7 years of age and lives in Norwich, England

Football, Spain and Tottenham

A football shape poem

I  decided  to  write  a  poem  about  football  because  I  like  it and  I  play on Saturday and Sunday.
Created by Jamie who is 8 and lives in Norwich, England


A basketball poem

I decided to write a poem about basketball because I like it because it is my thing!
Created by Jerry, aged 8, and lives in Norwich, England

Football Match

A football poem

I decided to write a poem about football because our school played a match against a rival school last week.
Created by Tawanda, aged 10, and a poet and goalkeeper extraordinaire

Under The Sea

A shape poem about life beneath the sea

I chose dolphins because they're so intelligent and graceful when they glide through the water. I added a jellyfish because...
Created by Jasmine, aged 8, who is a pupil at St. Cedd's School and lives in Chelmsford, UK


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