Kids Shape Poetry Competition Entries 3

A further selection of shape picture poems submitted to Funny Poem's shape poetry competition.

The Pyramid

shape poem in the form of a pyramid

A true shape poem taking the form of a pyramid. The poem combines great narrative and historical detail to drive it towards its slighty sinister conclusion.
Created by Vincent, aged 9, from Wyoming (the city), Ohio, in the US.

Peacefully Sad

shape peoms in the shape of a tear

A thoughtful and self-absorbed visual poem in which focuses on family turmoil.
Created by Bethany, aged 14, from Ashington, Northumberland, England.

The Question of Life

shape peoms in the shape of a question mark

A question mark shaped true shape poem which raised questions about our perception of life and the limitations of our knowledge.
Created by Greg, aged 13 from Shrewsbury, UK


shape peoms in the shape of a tear

A tear shaped visual poem about life which has great charm and an inspirational message about the ingredients for success.
Created by Madhurima, aged 14 from New Delhi, India


A shape poem in the form of a child's face

A charming visual poem about childhood, the wonderful memories that linger and the desire to return once more to those days of innocence.
Created by Shunyam, aged 14, from New Delhi, India

T Shirt

visual shape poem in the form of a t-shirt

A visual poem in praise of that almost universal, but sometimes underappreciated item of clothing, the T shirt.
Created by Sriya, aged 9 from Woking, Surrey, England

Down Memory Lane

A visual shape poem about memories

A second entry from Madhurima, this time a visual poem which takes one on a vivid and emotional trip Down Memory Lane.
Created by Madhurima, aged 14, from New Delhi, India


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