Kids Shape Poetry Competition Entries 5

A further selection of shape poems submitted to our kids shape poetry competition. The selection includes the first poems by pupils from a school in Norwich on a variety of sporting themes - rugby, football, basketball, football, tennis and, you guessed, more football.


A snowball shape poem

Our youngest contributor to date, Abigail has drawn a wonderful twisted shape poem inspired by snow (and perhaps snow balls).
Created by Abigail, age 7, who lives Norwich UK


A tree shape poem

A true shape poem by Molly in the shape of a tree which delivers a powerful environmental message about sustainability (and trees).
Created by Molly who is 8 and lives in London, England


A star shape poem

I decided to write a poem about a star because they twinkle in the sky at night and it looks beautiful.
Created by Ana who is 8 years old and lives in Norwich, England


A tennis racquet shape poem

I decided to write a poem about tennis because I do tennis lessons at Donna’s tennis club.
Created by Aryaan who is 8 and lives in Norwich, England


A football shape poem

I am excited about football. I have my favourite teams and players and I try to be like them when I am playing football with my team each weekend.
Created by Cai, aged 8, who lives in Norwich, England


A football shape poem

I wrote about Arsenal because when I was seven my Dad took me to see Arsenal play against Fulham.
Created by George who is aged 8 and lives in Norwich, England


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