Kids Shape Poetry Competition Entries 2

Thanks to the foresight and enthusiasm of Michelle Phelps, a teacher at Kaniere School, New Zealand, we have a wealth of visually and verbally exciting shape poems contributed by her enormously talented pupils. The competition is really hotting up!


A Shape poem about anger

Combining elements of visual and shape poetry, Anger is overflowing with rage and forms the shape of a rather frightening angry face.
Created by Nick, aged 11, from Hokitika, New Zealand


A visual poem about wind

A visual poem which answers the question What is wind?.
Created by Zarni, aged 10, from Kaniere School, New Zealand

Death is …

A Shape poem about death

A coffin shaped shape poem that philosophises about death
Created by Charmine from New Zealand


A Shape poem about anger

A beautifully lyrical shape poem on the subject of sadness, rendered in the shape of a falling tear.
Created by Caitlyn, aged 11, from New Zealand


A Shape poem about death

A visual poem about trust and what it means to different people
Created by Ellie from Kaniere School, New Zealand

Mother Nature

A tree shape poem

A true shape poem which relies just on the words and a simple change of colour to produce a vivid image of a tree.
Created by Olivia, aged 11, from Kaniere School, New Zealand


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