A Capital Offence

What should you start a sentence with?
Miss Tibbs angrily asked
The pupils in her class.

With what should you start a sentence?
Would be better grammar,
Stated Tom, the smart-arse.

My Mother's sentences always
Start with the word 'Don't',
Added Dick, the class clown.

No, said Harry, every sentence
Starts with the court hearing
At which you are sent down.

And now, ten years later,
Tom's a copywriter
Dick's a headmaster
Harry's a barrister
And Miss Tibbs? Miss Tibbs
Is still a teacher.

About the Poem

A welcome return for Miss Tibbs in a funny poem about trying to teach grammar to a class of precocious pupils.


Terrible Teachers


Funny rhyming poem


18 lines

Key Stage

KS2, KS3


Paul Curtis

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