Seven Wonders of the World

I wonder why the sun is hot
I wonder why it rains a lot

I wonder why the sky is blue
I wonder why a cow goes moo

I wonder why the clouds skip by
I wonder why a bird can fly

I wonder will the lesson end
Before I'm driven round the bend.

About the Poem

After sitting through lots and lots of really boring lessons at school, I discovered a really interesting fact. It's not the lessons or the subjects that are boring, it's the teachers.


Down with School


Rhyming poem


8 lines

Key Stage

Pre-school, KS1, KS2


Patrick Winstanley

Notes for Teachers

Apology and Disclaimer

Before I get trampled by a herd of revolting teachers, let me assure everyone that I hold the teaching profession in the highest regard.

I also know that, as in any profession, there are a few teachers who just aren't up to the job. Incompetent doctors bury their mistakes, incompetent chefs poison their customers and incompetent teachers bore their pupils to death (and then wonder why the kids fail all their exams).

The hopeless teachers featured in these poems are works of fiction and the product of my febrile imagination. Any resemblance to real teachers, either living, dead or indeterminate, is entirely coincidental.

If you happen to be called Miss Tibbs or Miss Pelling, the poems will be all the funnier for your pupils and my apologies all the more sincere.

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