Some think the
Noble hippopotamus
A somewhat
Pointless rhinoceros.

Hippo v. Rhino

A short poem which is over simplistic in its comparison of the characteristics of the rhinoceros and hippopotamus.


Animal Antics


Short poem or hemi-anaphorism


4 lines

Key Stage

Pre-school, KS1, KS2


Patrick Winstanley

Digging Deeper


An aphorism is a short, clever saying which hold an inalienable truth. Anaphorisms are close relatives which are similarly short and pithy, but are in fact incredibly silly. Hippopotamus is a half way house, perhaps a hemi-anaphorism, since it makes sense, but, like the hippo and the poem, is essentially pointless.

Examples of aphorisms in poetic form include Needs Must about bald eskimos. It's also worth having a peek at their close relative, the Old Saws Resharpened, which include Weather Prognostications about global warming and a Christmas Was Coming, a festive number.

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