Kobe Or Not Kobe

If I were a Kobe cow
Fed on litres of lager
And given daily massages
I think I'd still rather
Not end up as sausages.

A Big Beef

I describe this as a poem for vegetarian kids, since there's no escaping from the fact that however well beef cattle are cared for, the intention is to kill and eat them.


Animal Antics


Short rhyming poem with attitude


5 lines

Key Stage

KS1, KS2


Patrick Winstanley

Digging Deeper

What is Kobe Beef?

For those not well versed in animal husbandry, kobe beef is highly prized (and highly priced) beef raised in Japan. Yes, the cows are fed on a diet which includes lager and they are massaged to keep their flesh supple and tasty.

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