Little Red Riding Hood
Visits Santa's Grotto

Little Red Riding Hood
Trudging homeward through the snow
Spotted a sign which read
'The All New Christmas Grotto'

"Come inside little girl
And sit down on Santa's knee.
You can choose a present
From under the Christmas tree"

Now, thought Red Riding Hood,
I have to tread gingerly,
For she has once been fooled
By some wolfish trickery.

She peeked, she poked, she peered,
But as far a she could see
He was the real Santa
So she hopped onto his knee

Santa whipped off his beard
To reveal a wolfish grin
He grabbed her by her throat
And devoured her limb by limb

Now Santa lies snoring
Content as content could be
For tomorrow Goldilocks
Is dropping in for tea

The moral of this tale
Is that you should always pause
To check if your Santa
Has a set of Santa claws

Traditional Tales Collide

A twisted fairy tale poem which sees the hapless Little Red Riding Hood enticed into Santa's grotto. Those who are familiar with Patrick's poetry will be expecting the particularly grizzly ending.


Gory, but not rude


Rhyming poem


28 lines

Key Stage



Patrick Winstanley

Copyright © Patrick Winstanley. All Rights Reserved

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