Wildlife Poems by Kate Williams

If you're looking for a gift for a poetry-loving child, then nothing could be more pleasing than Kate's new book of Wildlife Poems. It's not billed as a book of funny poems, but it contains a mix of light, humorous and thoughtful poems about animals and nature, interspersed with the odd riddle and shape poem.

"These poems move quickly down the page like animals might, unleashing rhymes and rhythms everywhere." Ian McMillan, poet.

Kate kindly allowed us to use a selection of the animal poems from Wildlife Poems prior to its publications. You may already have encountered and enjoyed a few of the poems Wildlife Poems contains on your travels around the funny poems website:

Zebra Crossing
Hippos and Haikus

and we'll be letting you have a peep at a few more over the coming weeks.

"Congratulations on producing such a fine-looking book. Superior, I would say, to some published by the large presses." Roger McGough, poet.

Wildlife Poems contains over 80 poems, and costs only £4.99, making it an idea gift for Christmas, or indeed at any time of year. If you'd like to order a copy of this wonderful childrens poetry book, full details can be found on Kate's website.

And to conclude, a new poem from Kate's Wildlife Poems to tantalise, or terrify, you...


I have a fear of spiders.
Do you?

It's the way thy appear, as if from nowhere,
then disappear,
anywhere -
round your chair...
up you back...
down your hair...
the dish on the dining room table...
the toe of your shoe...

That's the scare:
never knowing what they'll do,

Copyright © Kate Williams. All Rights Reserved

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