Sulky so-and-sos, gorillas, aren't they?
If you ever pass one, hunched on crossed legs,
don't try and pass the time of day.

Smile, and he'll scowl back.
Grin, and he'll glare back.
Wave, and he'll shrug back.
Leave, and he'll hurl a banana at your back.

At least they don't go in for tomatoes
or raw eggs.

Ever So Grumpy

Cantankerous is a lovely word. It means ill-tempered, sulky or quarrelsome. In Nottingham, where Patrick lives, there is an equally splendid word, mardy, which means all those things and more. But Grumpilla doesn't even have to be a proper word and I'm sure we all know what it means.


Animal Antics


Rhyming poem


9 lines

Key Stage

KS1, KS2


Kate Williams

Copyright © Kate Williams. All Rights Reserved

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