You Can't Have Your Cake...

I get up bright and early
Raring to go to school,
I peer into the larder
Where I'd left 'it' to cool.

But I find an empty plate,
Where last night 'it' had stood
And a note, in jam, from Dad,
"Yum, that was mighty good."

I trudged to school dejected,
I couldn't hide the fact,
Dad ate my Food Tech homework,
But who would swallow that?

About the Poem

The complete saying is You can't have your cake and eat it, which seems particularly apt for this poem about the mystery of the disappearing homework. For those who left school some time ago, Food Tech used to be called Domestic Science and before that plain Cookery.


Down with School


Funny rhyming poem


12 lines

Key Stage

KS2, KS3


Patrick Winstanley

Copyright © Patrick Winstanley. All Rights Reserved

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