Excuse Me

The orchestra's mid-rehearsal
And I'm dying for a pee
But, although I'm holding up my hand
I can't make the teacher see
I clash the cymbals, bang the drum
But he doesn't hear my plea
If I have a tinkle on the piano
Then he's sure to notice me.

About the Poem

My recollection of school is that no lesson passed without at least one pupil putting up their hand and asking 'May I be excused?', a polite way of asking to go to the lavatory. I suspect in many cases they wanted to relieve the boredom, rather than themselves...


Down with School


Mildly rude


Rhyming poem


8 lines

Key Stage

KS1, KS2, KS3


Patrick Winstanley

Copyright © Patrick Winstanley. All Rights Reserved

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