A Knotty Problem

A scarf for a giraffe
Would be forty feet long
But how would a giraffe
Know how to put one on?

A Helping Hand

Prepare yourself for a big word. The central theme of the poem is anthropomorphism, which means giving animals human characteristics and capabilities. Why should so much children's literature depend on animals behaving like humans?


Animal Antics


Short rhyming poem


4 lines

Key Stage

Pre-school, KS1


Patrick Winstanley

Notes for Teachers


Sorry, I couldn't resist it. The reality is that I created the Funny Poems for Kids website with the sole aim of making poetry fun for children. I'm more than pleased for teachers (or educators if you're in America) to use the website, provided they abide by the spirit of the site and don't take any of the poems too seriously.

Furthermore, as all the contributing poets are living and love answering emails from inquisitive pupils, the usual poetry dissection questions may produce the most unexpected answers. This poem, for example, wasn't inspired by a trip to the zoo, but by a local musuem trying to beat the World Record for knitting the longest Dr Who style scarf.

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