You mustn't be fooled by their features.
They look sweet, and kind, and gentle,
Some would say quite ornamental,
But they're really scary creatures.

'Come here and have a great big hug'
She squeezes me 'til I can't speak,
Then kisses me upon the cheek,
Saliva, lipstick, perfume ugh!

It's Christmas time I really fear.
It’s just the same year after year,
As I unwrap my worst nightmare,
A set of knitted underwear.

So this year I thought I'd treat her
To a gift which she could treasure
And would give me equal pleasure.
I've bought a Spiny Aunteater.

Scary Creatures

'Aunts' is, surprisingly enough, a poem about aunts and it's also a great poem to recite. I don't know about you, but I do genuinely find all of my aunts quite scary. However, one of my aunts is so especially bossy and extraordinarily loud that she is known by everyone as 'Aunt Aggressive'. It is she who would be the recipient of my special Christmas present.


Animal Antics


Rhyming poem to suitable for primary school children to learn and recite


16 lines

Key Stage

KS1, KS2


Patrick Winstanley

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