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Timmy has at last received some entries in the under 8 age group, but we need lots, lots more. Otherwise, my niece, who is 12, may carry out her threat of entering the competition as a 7 year old girl called Anna Lameringham in an attempt to steal the prize, which really wouldn't be fair.

by Hannah Gould

I'm so itchy and really scritchy, I have spots in my hair.
On my bum and on my tum , horrible spots everywhere.
It feels tigglelish and makes me gigglelish these spots keep popping up all the time.
They make me angry and very cranky , oh I wish these spots weren't mine!
The spots are lumpy and feel so bumpy guess I'll have to play a game.
Join the spots up, dot to dot up . Hurry up chickenpox GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!

This poem was written when i was off school with chickenpox in the summer, read the email that Hannah, who is six and lives in London, sent to accompany her poem. It is said that great poets suffer for their art, and in this case the result of a bout of chicken pox is sublime poetry. Very well done, Hannah.

Feeling Sick
by Cecily Fitzsimons

I was sitting in my bed
Feeling rather dead
My head was spinning round
Making a lot of sound
I had to get to the loo
Looking very blue
My tummy was aching
My belly was shaking
Oh dear Oh dear I’ve been sick on the floor
And then I did it even more!

A very lively and well structured poem by Cecily, who is 6 years old and lives in Littleover, Derbyshire. I was particularly delighted by the poem's unusually arresting opening couplet.

Sick All Day!
by Phoebe Smith

I have got a nosebleed, I think it will erupt.
I'm telling my mum, the gushing blood will interrupt.
I am very, very sick - it's going everywhere.
I think this fly will eat it up - it's flying in the air.
Cough-cough, cough-cough, shooting out of my mouth.
I'm coughing so much I'm looking down - now it's flying south.

Phoebe is aged 6 and lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I must confess that I felt slightly queasy at the though of a passing fly eating up the blood from a nosebleed, but it's only the very best poems that touch us on both an emotional and a visceral level.

You’re Ill
by Eloise Mustill-King

I have the flu
The doctor said
By tomorrow
You might be dead

I have earache
The doctor said
So tomorrow
You should be in bed

I have chicken pox
The doctor said
I picked a spot
And then it bled

I've got impertigo
The doctor said
By the morning
You’ll lose your head

A very well constructed and very funny poem by Eloise, who is five and lives in Kent. However, I'm not sure that I'd encourage you to visit this particular doctor, as his prognoses seem slightly alarmist.

A Joke
by Poppy Mustill-King

I feel hot
I feel cold
I’ve got a temperature
I’ve been told

Is it good?
Is it bad?
I’ve got a chest infection
I feel sad

I feel sick
I feel ill
I’ve got tonsillitis
I need a pill

Don’t be silly
Don’t be daft
There’s no school today
It’s Sunday mum laughed

Poppy is aged 6 and from the prodigiously talented Mustill-King family of poets. A Joke is a very well written poem and is very funny with a proper punch line, as every good joke should have.


I have a headache in my foot,
A toy in my bottom,
A tree in my pocket,
A bench in my tummy.


I've found plenty of poems to amuse me amongst the competition entries, but I genuinely laughed out loud when I read Roma's poem - all rather embarrassing as I was at work at the time. The accompanying email makes Roma's achievement all the more remarkable: Roma wrote this poem when she was 5 yrs old. It makes her giggle every time she reads it (especially about the ''bottom''!!). Congratulations.

by Joss Winter

Bees that sting,
Ears that ring,
Flys that bite,
lost all my mite,
Noses running,
fingers numbing,
Oh what a wonderfull place we live in.

A poem by 6 year old Joss, which is very well structured and very funny. Although the under 8 age group has the fewest entries, I foresee it being the most difficult to judge, as all the poems are so fresh and original.

by Clara Smith

I think my nose is going to run,
Here it comes!
It`s coming now!
I think it`s a volcano spurting out green lava!
I think my nose is dripping now! Now it`s a gutter with a leak! It`s a big gushing waterfall!
I'm sneezing - (ATCHOO) - now!

Clara is 6 years old and live in the United Kingdom. She's written a poem about sneezing which shows a commanding use of metaphor and reaches a most satisfying literary climax. Or to be a little less pompous, it's a really good poem.

Dragon in my Throat
by Olivia De Simone

When I have a sore throat,
My temperature gets higher,
And when I breath in and out,
It feels like blowing dragon fire!

We drive up to the surgery,
Then we have to wait!
The doctor tells me to say "Ahh",
"Ok. That's great!"

He shines a really bright torch,
Right down into my throat,
And when he pulls it out again,
He looks like he's going to choke!

My throat was very, very hot,
The torch looks melted and wrong,
What a shock that in my throat,
A baby dragon sat there all along!

A most imaginative poem by Olivia, aged 6, who lives in Wigan, Lancashire. Olivia's Mum said that Olivia spent hours 'perfecting' the poem before it could be sent in - time well spent, as it's an exceptional poem from such a young poet. Congratulations.

My Leg
by Abbie Gilson

I have a broken leg,
from when I slipped on a peg,
so mum told me to lay down,
when she called for a clown,
he was quite funny,
but all i did was cry for my bunny.

Short, sweet and wonderfully funny, My Leg is a miniature masterpiece by 7 year old Abbie, who lives in Aberdare, South Wales.

By Callum James Lean



Hi my name is Callum Lean and this is my poem. I live in New Zealand. I would love to see my poem on the internet.

A extremely visceral and deceptively simple poem by Callum who is 7 years old and now a web published poet. Well done.

A Sick Class
by Ruhee Parelkar

Miss Matilda’s class is full of mess
What’s the reason, can you guess?
Little John has a running nose,
He needs a bitter medicine dose.
Samantha has fever, she is ill,
She looks like a withered daffodil.
Tim says he has a stomach ache,
It’s all because of his chocolate cake.
Pretty Mary has a fractured finger,
And her pain continues to linger.
Mathew’s face has some red dots,
I wonder if they are chickenpox spots!
Poor Lily sneezes every now and then,
She sneezes, stops and sneezes again!
Miss Matilda has an unhappy day
So she declared a HOLIDAY!

Ruhee, who is 7 years old and lives in Ahmedabad, India, entered the Fussy Poets competition last year and came very close to winning. I love her entry in this year's competition, particularly the lines Samantha has fever, she is ill, She looks like a withered daffodil. A wonderful simile.

Mum... I'm Ill
by Dylan Tonge

“Mum… I’m ill and I need a pill“.
mum say’s “NO eat some fruit,
you will get well in time for the school bell”
“But mum I feel sick and my ears hurt”
“GO TO SLEEP” mum said “Get some rest…
Your brother will be home soon,
he IS the worlds funniest PEST!”.
(Tomorrow is sports day and I want to join in)
“Yawhnnnn I feel tired, give me Humpy to make me feel compfy”………
“I feel better now mum I don’t need a letter”
“I’m ill ……”

A great poem by Dylan, who is 7 and lives in Warwickshire. Once again, we see that sibling rivalry as a recurring theme in poems about being ill - but it's well worth it for a line like Your brother will be home soon, he IS the worlds funniest PEST!

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