Kids Poetry Competition 2010 - Shape Poems

The poetry contest for 2010 is a little bit different from previous years. The challenge is to write, draw or otherwise create a shape poem. It doesn't have to be a funny poem, so long as it's recognisably a shape poem, a concrete poem or some other form of visual poetry.

Please Note
This 2010 competition is now closed, so you can't submit new entries, but you can still read the entries or create a shape poem, just for fun.

Creating your shape poem

If you're not sure what a shape poem is or how to create one, I've prepared an idiot's guide to shape poetry to get you started (not that I'm suggesting for one moment that you're an idiot). There are no restrictions as to the style or subject of the shape poem you create:

Taking part in the competition

The competition doesn't have many rules, but they are important:

The prizes

There will be one first prize of £100 awarded to the author(s) of the poem which is, in the view of the judges, the best poem of all those submitted. In addition, there will be two runner up prizes of £25. The competition will be judged by two independent judges and the results announced in December 2010.

Sending in your poems

If you'd like to enter the competition, please email and make sure you include the following:

We'll get as many of the shape poems as we can up on the site to share with other readers. Who knows, it might be your first step to poetic fame and fortune.

The Entries

You can view all the shape poems created by kids or just the winning poems.

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