Winning Shape Poems 2010

Another year, another poetry competition. The Shape Poetry Competition set a particularly difficult challenge, since writing prize winning shape poems requires a fusion of artistic and poetic abilities. There were 43 competition entries, including a number of shape poems of exceptional quality and many more which were extremely good. The judging, always a difficult task, was carried out on Tuesday 7th December 2010 by Daniel, an English graduate with a sharp eye for poetic talent, and Patrick, competition organiser and shape poetry specialist, with Timmy lending a not always helpful paw.

And the winning poems are:

Winner - The Kite by Anuradha aged 16

Kite shape poemCombining elements of twisted and true shape poem, Anuradha's poem impressed the judges for both its artistic and poetic elements.


Runner Up - Under The Sea by Jasmine aged  8

Aquatic shape poemA poem of great charm and sophistication by Jasmine, who won our hearts with her lonely jellyfish created in the form of a true shape poem.


Runner Up - My Little Sisters by Leila aged 9

Shape poem about sistersMore visual than shape poetry, My Little Sisters was a poem that appealed particularly to Daniel, who both appreciates real poetry and suffers from younger sisters syndrome.


Hannah's Special Prize - The White Mystery by Tyler aged 15

snowman shape

This final special prize in the gift of my niece Hannah, who managed the singular feat of having poems refused entry to the competition (on quality grounds) in both 2008 and 2009! She decided not to enter this year (I can't think why), but has an uncanny knack for spotting the poem that has just missed out on a prize, but really deserved one.

Congratulations to our winners and start sharpening your pens/pencils/keyboards everyone for next year's competition. I can't decide between alliteration poems, acrostics and funny love poems as the theme, so it will probably be something else completely.

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