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A companion poem to Poor Oscar, in that both are poems about flatulence, which is polite word for farting. Casper the Farting Ghost has comic, rude, nonsense and scary elements, but it is the ghostly element which made me slip it in with the scary Halloween poems and hope nobody notices.


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Rhyming poem


16 lines

Key Stage



Max Scratchmann

Casper the Farting Ghost

This is the story of Casper Levenes,
A boy quite addicted to Heinz Spicy Beanz,
They boiled in his gut, fermented in his tum,
Then as a foul vapour they exited his bum.

His brothers said, "Casper, that stench is quite vile,"
Then they clubbed him with chair legs and said with great bile,
"You're the smelliest human who's walked on this earth,
And really you should have been put down at birth."

As he fell to the ground he let out his last fart,
"I'll never forget, in my death, your great part,"
And when the church clock strikes midnight each night,
The brothers do quiver and shiver with fright.

For a stench that's quite eerie and reeks of the pit,
Pervades all their bedrooms and lounges and sh!t,
And they say to each other, "that stink is the most,
It's our dead brother Casper, the flatulent ghost."

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved

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