A woman knows all about her children
She knows their likes and dislikes,
Who their friends are and who they fancy
Their illnesses, ailments and allergies

She knows the dates of all their matches
Drop off and pick up, home and away
She knows about appointments for hospital
As well as doctor, optical and dental

She know about their favourite foods
And the things that make them sick
She know what scares them and why
And what makes them laugh and cry

She knows all about their hopes and dreams
And what they may look for in a spouse
While a man on the other hand, is vaguely aware
Of some short people living in the house

About the Poem

In the battle of mothers verus fathers, it will be no surprise to discover that fathers come a poor third.


Funny Fathers Day Poems


Short rhyming poem


16 lines

Key Stage

KS2, KS3


Paul Curtis

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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