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Finally, my last and most favourite poem for the competition. The aim of sending three poems was not to secure a place in the competition but to share my views with the children of about my age group. This is the first time I have taken part in this competition and I have learnt a lot about poetry from here. The window in my own room is an inspiration for this poem. Both my window and the poem are very close to my heart.


The Window


Kids Shape Poetry Competition


Visual shape poem

Key Stage

KS2, KS3



The Window , a visual poem

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In spite of all my efforts, I've not managed to reproduce the poem at which
makes the words legible, so I've reproduced below the text of the poem.


The window in my room overlooks the street
Through it comes in the morning heat
It introduces me to morning shining bright
And the sun appearing as a golden disc of light
My window to the world is what I call it
A shoot of bougainvillea creeps inside through it
Then the room in which I dwell
Is filled with its gorgeous
My love for the window is ardent
As it shows me a world totally different
I lean out and see the weather changing
And the light of the sun waning
The window is immensely groovy
Looking out is like watching a movie
I can see the huge banyan tree from here
And the birds who have nested there
I look and see the weather changing
The moving vendors and the housewives quarrelling
The birds flying in the sky freely
One of them sits on the window and sings merrily
The sky’s colour changes from yellow to pink
And as day furthers the sun appears to sink
Men sit under the tree and squabble
While the girls play and love to babble
Again comes in through it the light
As the day ends and befalls the night
All my mother’s efforts to call me go in vain
When I am sitting beside my window pane

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