2015 Poetry Competition Winners

The competition was judged on 15th November by Patrick, owner of the Funny Poetry for Kids website and occasional poet. The subject for the 2015 competition was school life and although the number of entries was modest, the quality was consistently high.

The expectation was there'd be a quite a few moany-groany poems about terrible teachers and loathsome lesson; the reality was a wonderfully varied selection of poems and the realisation that many children place their school teachers on very high pedestals indeed.

Having to choose winners was a horrible task when the overall standard of entries was so high, but after much cogitation and deliberation, plus a little bit of vacillating,…

The winners are:

Under 8 Poetry Competiton Winner

I Cannot Learn the Alphabet! by Nicholas

At school I have to learn the alphabet, but I find it rather hard,
When I much prefer to be playing in the school-yard,
Perhaps if I tried to put the letters into a rhyme,
I might learn the alphabet in no time,

Let me see, first comes A, B, C, D,
As in Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti,
Then comes E, F, G, H,
I’d better hurry, I’m only on the first page!

After that there is I, J, K, L,
I thought I heard the lunch bell,
Then follows M, N, O and P,
I wonder when my teacher will have a cup of tea?

After this comes Q, R, S, T,
I wish I could climb that old oak tree!
Towards the end there is U, V and W,
Now there are only three more letters to get through!

Right at the end comes X, Y and Z,
All the letters dance around in my head!
Now that I have finally learnt them all,
I am heading outside to play some football!

Poetry competion winner aged 9 to 11

Mrs Wild by Nathan

As Head you pretend to be strict,
But that’s where most people are tricked.
I’ve seen you laugh, I’ve seen you cross,
I’ve even seen you at a loss!

You nurture pupils in your care,
Though some must make you want to swear!
You’re patient, fair and tolerant,
For me you’re just an aspirant.

You want us all to be our best,
And daily that’s put to the test.
You shower praise when we succeed
And that’s a rare triumph indeed!

You’re always very creative,
Supporting and innovative.
Always striving for excellence,
Though not at St Leonards expense.

Your aim is to be outstanding,
Your school to be the one landing
OFSTED inspector’s accolades.
Then you’ll be the one getting praise!

Your door is always open wide,
Pupils seek good advice inside.
You put aside great files of work,
To help us feel less like a burke!

One thing you’ve instilled, I concede.
Focus on work makes me succeed,
You constantly supported me,
Even letting me on TV!

You really are one of a kind
I’ll be sad to leave you behind
Thanks for all the support and fun
Now my time at this school is done.

Potry competition winner aged 12 plus

The School Kitty by Faatimah

The school puss
Is a friendly female feline
It’s a secret, but she’s mine
She’s cute, she’s black
She’s got a long furry back
She jumps from table to table
She’s strong, she’s stable
As my pen moves on the paper
She tries to catch it, doing a little caper
She’s lively, but she gets sleepy
She can be sly and sneaky
When she’s tired she likes to lounge on my work
Seeing me annoyed as I try to move her, she gives a smirk
When she visits her tray of litter
The teacher wrinkles her nose and frowns with a tut n titter
She’s sleek and likes to prowl
So I call her little panther

Three wonderful winning poems by three very talented young writers. Congratulation to all our winners and thank you to everyone who took part in the 2015 competition.

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