Poems about School by Kids Age 8 and Under

It's been a struggle to wheedle any competition entries out of our youngest readers, but finally a poem has winged its way to us from Hong Kong. Perhaps it takes a few years of exposure to formulate strong enough views for or against school to want to write a poem about it!

I Cannot Learn the Alphabet! by Nicholas

An wonderful poem from Nicholas, who takes as his subject the arduous task of learning the alphabet. In the hands of such an assured young poet, we glide gracefully from A to Z. An amazingly accomplished poem for one so young. Well done, Nicholas!






My name is Nicholas and I am eight years old. I love writing poetry and wrote my first poem when I was six.

This time I wanted to write about how it feels when you are in school on a nice sunny day and you want to play outside. My Mum is Swedish and My Dad is English, and I live in Brussels.

My school is called British Junior Academy of Brussels. I have an older brother and an older sister who is called Louisa. She also loves writing poetry and sent in a poem called “My Little Brother” to your competition last time. Guess who the little brother is!!

I Cannot Learn the Alphabet!

At school I have to learn the alphabet, but I find it rather hard,
When I much prefer to be playing in the school-yard,
Perhaps if I tried to put the letters into a rhyme,
I might learn the alphabet in no time,

Let me see, first comes A, B, C, D,
As in Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti,
Then comes E, F, G, H,
I’d better hurry, I’m only on the first page!

After that there is I, J, K, L,
I thought I heard the lunch bell,
Then follows M, N, O and P,
I wonder when my teacher will have a cup of tea?

After this comes Q, R, S, T,
I wish I could climb that old oak tree!
Towards the end there is U, V and W,
Now there are only three more letters to get through!

Right at the end comes X, Y and Z,
All the letters dance around in my head!
Now that I have finally learnt them all,
I am heading outside to play some football!

My Lovely School Friend by Jasper

Friendships forged at school can last a lesson or a lifetime, which is what makes Jasper's poem about his school friend both endearing and enchanting. A great poem, well done.





China, Hong Kong

I wrote this because I like to write this thing.

My Lovely School Friend

Eden always asks me questions at recess
I said "Let's play hand game".
And we play until recess is over.
It is … my school friend!!!
He is friendly, helpful and funny

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