Kids Don’t Understand Christmas

All children think
Christmas just happens
But parents work tirelessly
To bring it about
Months in the planning
Putting things away
Things to add to a special day
Shopping and wrapping
Dressing and decking
Super market shopping
The prices heart stopping
Journeying from shop to shop
For the latest must have toy
All made worth while
To see a face lit with joy

Fun For All The Family

If your parents remind you over the Christmas period of all the trouble they've gone to to give you a lovely Christmas with lots of lovely presents, smile sweetly and say thank you. Don't tell them that they're probably enjoying it more than you and that before next Christmas you're thinking of becoming a Zen Bhuddist.


Rhyming poem


15 lines

Key Stage

KS1, KS2


Paul Curtis

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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