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We love to hear from our readers and there may be any number of reasons for you contacting the Funny Poems for Kids website:

Hurling the electronic equivalent of rotten tomatoes

To tell the authors how clever and you think they are

Asking for advice about writing your own poems

Asking for advice about looking after your own cat

Seeking permission to use the poems for a school project

Asking me to open something like a school fair or poetry event

Asking me to open a screw top jar with a lid that's really stuck

Suggesting how to make the site bigger, better and easier to use

Offering to let me publish your own original poems on the site

Sending us the odd little treat, but no live mice please!

Anyway, if you want to contact us for whatever reason, the email address is:

For snail mail, the address is: Patrick Winstanley, Garden House, Manor Park, Ruddington, Nottingham NG11 6DS, UK.

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